Natural Hot Springs

Our hot springs use only the best water that has not been reheated, recirculated nor mixed with other water.

Feel rejuvenated after you relax in our hot spring.
With a history of over 700 years, Shimoda Hot Spring was first recognized for its healing properties when an injured white egret came to the spring to heal its wound. Since then this hot spring has been recognized by the Japanese government for its medical benefits as well as its rejuvenating effects on your skin.
This hot spring emerges from a depth of hundreds of meters, from between layers of porcelain rock and produces over 2100 liters of hot water per minute.
There is no time limit in using the bath during your stay.

Amakusa porcelain bathtub

Amakusa porcelain is renowned for its quality: 80% of porcelain made nationwide uses Amakusa porcelain stone, including the famous Arita-yaki. Our bathtubs are also made from this Amakusa porcelain stone.
As mentioned earlier, the hot spring water comes from between layers of porcelain rock.
We found that by bringing the water back into contact with porcelain makes it smoother.

Hinoki Cypress Bath

Enjoy the phytoncide fragrance of this hinoki cypress bath.
In it you will find floating rose petals whose delicate fragrance will make you feel blissful.
The hinoki cypress bath also has a healing effect.
Behind it, you will find another bath that is located partly outdoors.

伊賀屋インフォメーションDon’t forget to apply lotion and essence after your bath.

Our hot spring water contains sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride which are known for their cleansing properties.
It will clean your skin and remove old keratin.
Applying moisturizing lotion after the bath is highly recommended, as your skin will be ready to absorb it in its cleansed state.

About the hot spring

time15:00-10:00(from check in to check out)
Amenitiesshampoo,conditioner,body soaps,face wash,skin lotion,cleansing lotion,hair dryer,hairbrushes,cotton bubs,razors,shower caps
Spring qualitySodium hydrogen carbonete,chloride spring
Temperrature of water the gushing point57℃
EfficacyNerve pain,muscle pain,arthtiris,frozen sholder,paralysis,sensitivity to cold,recovery from fatigue,cuts,improve health being,burns,chronic skin diseases





伊賀屋インフォメーションIgaya Infomation

Enjoy an aroma treatment in your room after the bath.
Aroma Treatment

Lose yourself in a state of bliss as you relax to the rhythm of waves breaking upon the shore
The treatment includes reflexology in which pressure points on the back of the feet are stimulated to affect all areas of the body,
making you feel great from the inside out.
* This treatment is done in your room.


  • Rose (whole body 60 minutes) 10,000 yen (plus tax)
  • Rosemary with olive oil from Amakusa (whole body 60 minutes) 10,000 yen
  • Lavender (whole body 60 minutes) 8,000 yen

*Price changes depending on the oil used
*Time: 3 PM – 10 PM (last start); booking three days in advance is required